Spring & Summer 2018 Information Sessions


Note: Given the summer break and September start up demands, no additional sessions are planned for this period. More details on future sessions will be posted at a later date. 

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July Sessions:

July 19 11am PST: 2pm EST; 3pm AST - Busines Requirements Discussion #2

July 26 11am PST; 2pm EST; 3pm AST - Business Requirements Discussion #3

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Past Presentations:

Session 1: Overview of the Groningen and Student Mobility Project 

Session ran on May 18 (Webinar: Session 1 Overview of ARUCC Groningen & Student Mobility Project now available) 

Introductory session to learn about the Project and the various options being explored by the ARUCC Steering Committee.

Presenters: Charmaine Hack, President ARUCC; Romesh Vadivel, Vice President ARUCC

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

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Session 2: Connecting the Dots between International Initiatives and Student Data Exchange and Mobility

Session ran on May 24 (Webinar: Session 2 Connecting the Dots between International Initiatives and National Project now available)

Description: Listen to this session to learn about the national and international activities and perspectives relevant to creating a digital exchange environment to support student mobility.

Presenters: Michael Ringuette, Coordinator, Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC); Herman de Leeuw, Executive Director, Groningen Declaration Network; Dr. Rob Fleming, Executive Director and Co-Chair, BCCAT; Sir John Daniel, O.C.

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

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Session 3: Exploring International Data Exchange

Session ran on June 5 (Webinar is now available online.)

Description: Listen to this session to learn about the international data exchange landscape and a newly launched national directory service called EdExchange. This platform holds the promise of enabling international connectivity to trusted data exchange partners around the world.

Presenter: Michael Sessa, Executive Director, Post-Secondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC)

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

pdfResources mentioned in Session.

pdfOverview of International Considerations and EdExchange by Michael Sessa

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Session 4: Part A: Overview of Models Typically used for inter-institutional Data Exchange; Part B: Overview of the Australian/New Zealand My eQuals Project 

Description: Join this session to learn about the different types of models available for data exchange and the national data exchange solution created for Australia and New Zealand. Called MyeQuals, it provides an online portal environment for students to collate their credentials from different institutions into one password protected online wallet. 

Presenters: Andy Dowling, CEO, Digitary; Jay Segeth, Program Director, My eQuals

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

Slides for Session 4: 

pdfAustralian My eQuals Presentation Jay Segeth

pdfOverview of Potential Models by Andy Dowling

pdfPublic Blockchain paper by Andy Dowling

Follow this link for an article exploring Blockchain and the new European privacy regulations called GDPR. For information on GDPR, visit the following site:

European JRC Blockchain Report

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Session #5: The Model for Canada - Exploring Business Requirements

Description: Join this session to learn about the planned business requirements for a national data exchange platform. Come prepared to share thoughts and to suggest modified or additional requirements.

Presenters: Charmaine Hack; Romesh Vadivel

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

Date: June 14

Webinar was not taped.

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Session #6: EMREX - A European Solution

Description: Learn about EMREX, a network solution that is providing connectivity among European institutions. 

pdfEmrex - An Overview

Session ran on June 28 - Webinar now available online

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Presenter: Geir Magne Vangen

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

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Session #7: Erasmus Without Papers - An International Solution for Study Abroad

Description: Join this session to learn about a European model for data exchange to support Study Abroad.

Presenter: Valère Meus, Coordinator, Erasmus Without Papers 2.0 Project

Moderator: Joanne Duklas

Session ran on July 5 - Webinar

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