ARUCC was created in 1964 in response to the professional needs of student administrative services personnel in universities. 50 years later, we still strive to meet the needs of its members by adopting proactive measures reflecting changes in our professional environment.
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Labour Disruptions in Ontario High Schools

Universities and colleges across Canada should be aware that some students and parents are concerned about the impact of labour disruptions involving Ontario high school teachers and certain school districts, and how these circumstances could affect university and college applications.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to use all resources and opportunities provided by their school principal as well as other arrangements that may be offered by school board officials, to continue their learning and complete the requirements needed for admission to the universities or colleges they have applied to.

ARUCC is carefully monitoring developments and encourages all member institutions to offer as much flexibility as possible in the application process, particularly in circumstances outside of the applicant’s control. One suggestion to the ARUCC community may be to post a notice on your institutional website with additional guidelines for applicants. Students could then be encouraged to check these websites regularly for new information, pertaining to your institution.

Member institutions can also get updates on the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) website